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90 minute movie on DVD - Great for trainer rides!

Filmed in 2000, this movie is by more than 10 years
the first bicycle race ever filmed from on the bike
start thru finish!
Golden, Colorado Pro 1-2 Men View Samples
  The Movie!

You race at the front the entire race, up and down the hill on top of Table Top Mountain. You are fighting the wind and the racers and attacking each other! The first 800m of the race is the calm before the storm. Then the speed goes up and the attacks try, and try and try the remainder of the race. In-between attacks, a group of 4 get away and near the end a group of 2 hold a gap to the line. You field sprint for 7th place.

  Course Description

The course is a 1.3 mile square located on top of "Table Top Mountain", just east of Golden, Colorado. Technically, it's a criterium, but it races like a circuit race. The course is square shaped with 4 left hand turns and a "dog leg" between turns 2 and 3. Standing on the start line, you are facing due south. The home stretch is downhill, enabling a maximum speed during the race of 43mph.


Sunny and 60 degrees. At the start of the race, the wind is from the SE at 15mph. Early in the race the wind shifted to the NE and became about 20-25 mph - making the hill up from turn 2 to turn 3 alittle nasty.

People say the movie clearly demonstrates

  • How to get position for a sprint
  • Strategy as it relates to:
    • other racers
    • the race course
    • weather
  • How to attack, and how not to attack
  • and many other topics and examples!

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